Rev. Grayson’s Interview with Amerika Kiest!!


Rev. Glen Grayson was interviewed by Dutch Newspaper Amerika Kiest!!!

Click the link for the interview or read below.



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Background: Has pastor and founder of a community which bears the name of his son Jeron. Jeron six years ago when he was studying at the university, was shot dead at a party. He was 18. Glenn tries to keep the community children from the poor neighborhoods of Pittsburgh from the street by giving them an occupation and they bring a sense of pride in their own abilities. In this way he hopes to rescue them from the clutches of violence and crime. He believes that people who have guns should be forced to take more responsibility and prudence and that more control is needed in the sale and distribution of weapons. He is one of the experts who advise President Obama on arms policy.

Political affiliation: He only voting for people he expected to listen to his arguments against weapons. He checked whether they want to take concrete measures against armed violence and listens well and they also jump openly in the breach. Hillary Clinton is the only one he trusts in that and so he will unhesitatingly vote for her.

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