Family Matters

While CARES is devoted to equipping children for excellence, we are committed to the whole family as well. Thus, we are focused on the health and well-being of ADULTS. We believe that healthy families support the stability of the entire community.

Healthy Adults + Healthy Families + Healthy Communities = A more livable city.

Over the past year, CARES has expanded its offerings to include a series that is proudly dedicated to ‘strengthening the Black Family.’ The series meets each Thursday, at the Jeron X. Grayson Community Center. With dinner beginning at 6:00pm and the discussions beginning at 6:30, the family atmosphere has become a place where families have come together to explore many topics that help them to better function as a healthy unit. Now entering its second year, the series continues to focus on areas that include identity, communication, structure, and the family’s role in the community. In the past year, our focus was on financial management and families were able to save more than $1000.00 and developed some incredible habits around saving and sacrifice. This year, we will include a focus on health and bring in other resources to support our goals to lead healthy lifestyles. Join us at the family table and you will find a safe place to laugh, debate, cry, to be encouraged, and to be challenged. CARES believes that stronger families are the foundation of stronger communities. Let’s learn and grow…together.

This effort is generously supported by the POISE Foundation. (

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