College Preparatory, Grades 9-12

Youth are prepared for the real world, including SAT preparation, assistance with scholarships, job interviews, and resume preparation.

Track 3 is designed to increase the opportunities for local college-bound teens and young adults by ensuring that they are Pittsburgh Promise ready, as well as exposing them to enrichment seminars and cultural activities.

Each year, CARES assists in the academic progress and social development of 20-25 young adults (who are 15-19 years in age, in grades 9-12). Through academic tutoring, career counseling, college and vocational school admissions assistance, and enrichment seminars, students are prepared for life after high school graduation. Since inception in 2000, over 100 CARES alumni have graduated from high school. Several of our alumni are currently matriculating in colleges and universities across the United States. Many of our young adults have completed their bachelor’s degrees and returned to Pittsburgh as successful professionals in the corporate and nonprofit communities. A few of our alumni have even gone on to pursue graduate studies.