Our Story – Overview

When CARES started, 20 years ago, it had a staff of four and a budget of approximately $100,000. Eager to be an instrumental force in the Hill District, CARES understood that it would need support.

In solidarity with many community supporters for a common goal, we stand committed to offering newfound opportunities to children and adults through recreation, education and services in the Hill District and surrounding communities. CARES knew the benefit of partnering with other organizations in order to make a lasting impact. Today, CARES is a partner of scores of organizations and, together, we strive to create a sustainable system of support to those we serve.

Our Mission

CARES’ mission is to create a network of internal and external opportunities that offer step-by-step programming to prepare each child and young adult to achieve their life plans and goals in a safe, dependable, nurturing environment.

CARES Promise

CARES’ promise to every child who enters its doors is to be met, where they are in their diverse levels of personal, social, and academic levels of development, and be given a hand to climb step by step to meet opportunities and challenges with strength and courage to be able to reach their life’s plans and goals.


Center That CARES (Children/Adults Recreational & Educational Services) is more than an acronym; it is a philosophy and mission to serve as a foundation upon which those served can enhance the quality of their lives. CARES seeks to achieve this through the development of academic success, preparation for leadership, and the encouragement to make healthy and productive choices. CARES is designed to assist young people from pre-Kindergarten to college.

Located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s historic Hill District, Center that CARES is a 501 c3 organization. Now entering the 20th year, CARES has supported more than 2800 students and their families. During the academic year, CARES serves approximately 160 students from Monday through Thursday through our Afterschool Enrichment and Tutorial program (2:30pm – 6:30pm). During the summer months, CARES offers an 7-week camp that serves more than 140 children (9:00am – 5:00pm). CARES also sponsors a Summer Basketball League, providing safe recreation for an additional 100 young people.

“We are determined to be a vehicle of hope for those seeking to discover their highest potential.” – Reverend Glenn G. Grayson, Sr.