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On November 5, 2016 the CARES After School Enrichment Program’s Pre-K through 5th graders attended Ringling Brothers XTREME Circus 2016 where they had the opportunity to enjoy luxury seating in their very own private suite!! Thank you Tickets For Kids the experience.

A letter from one of our many partners…

CARES is pleased and proud of he many partnerships it has formed over the past 17 years.  Just recently Program Coordinator Tyisha Burroughs of Amizade Global Service-Learning wrote a letter outlining the experiences of the trip made in conjunction with CARES to Ghana, West Africa. Enjoy!!

A letter from one of our many partners…

Ghana: Transformation and Global Citizenship
During June of 2016, Amizade and the Center that Cares worked together
to bring eight young people from the Hill District to Ghana for a week
of exploration. The Center that Cares, is a community based
organization, led by Rev. Glen Grayson, Sr.,that focuses on the
betterment of youth within and around the Hill District of Pittsburgh
P.A. According to Rev. Grayson, the experience began the moment they
stepped off the plane. Of the many things they noticed upon arriving
in Accra were the Ghanaian women. Aside from carrying and caring for
their children, these women were also lugging around any materials,
tools, and food they needed for the day. Their strength and survival
was humbling to watch. At first the students were weary of the food,
unwilling to try things that they had not seen or eaten before. But,
they were lucky to have an opportunity to watch the meals being made,
they were able to see how much time and care was taken by their hosts
to make food for them, and although french fries remained a staple,
the complaints stopped and the students gained an appreciation for the
effort and care that was put forth in their honor. The students, and
chaperons felt the joy their presence brought the community of Jukwa.
They were welcomed everywhere they went and were overwhelmed by the
generosity and excitement of their hosts. The group was invited into
the home of the chief, where they were fed and shown Ghanaian
artifacts and learned about their cultural significance and
traditional uses. For Rev. Grayson the most moving experience was the
visit to the Slave Castles and the home of W.E.B Du Bois. The
experience was a moving one for Rev. Grayson and he believes that
throughout their lives, the young participants will look back on this
experience, and on everything they witnessed, and it will transform
their lives; As they get older, these children will grow to better
understand the significance of this this trip, and this experience
will help to shape the choices they make and the people they become.

Tyisha Burroughs
Program Coordinator
Amizade Global Service-Learning

CARES Morning Loop!!

Center That CARES, in conjunction with University Prep at Margaret Milliones set forth to address the growing concerns of the school attendance for youth residing in the Hill District.  According to Pittsburgh Public School Transportation policy, 9th through 12th grade students, living within a 2-mile radius from their assigned school, do not qualify for system-provided transportation.  Conducting an informal survey of students highlighted that, primarily during inclement weather, students were either very late or prone to not attending school.  In an effort to get students to school on time and at an increased rate, Hill District Transportation Loop was devised.

Check out the video footage!!



Rev. Grayson’s Interview with Amerika Kiest!!


Rev. Glen Grayson was interviewed by Dutch Newspaper Amerika Kiest!!!

Click the link for the interview or read below.



Photo News

Background: Has pastor and founder of a community which bears the name of his son Jeron. Jeron six years ago when he was studying at the university, was shot dead at a party. He was 18. Glenn tries to keep the community children from the poor neighborhoods of Pittsburgh from the street by giving them an occupation and they bring a sense of pride in their own abilities. In this way he hopes to rescue them from the clutches of violence and crime. He believes that people who have guns should be forced to take more responsibility and prudence and that more control is needed in the sale and distribution of weapons. He is one of the experts who advise President Obama on arms policy.

Political affiliation: He only voting for people he expected to listen to his arguments against weapons. He checked whether they want to take concrete measures against armed violence and listens well and they also jump openly in the breach. Hillary Clinton is the only one he trusts in that and so he will unhesitatingly vote for her.




17 years in the making!!! And we could not have done it without our community partnerships and parents, so please join us on October 17, 2016 as we present to you 17 years of  CARES growth.  We will tour the newly renovated Jeron X. Grayson Community Center Campus and the Jeron X. Grayson FoundaSAVE THE DATE -backtion House followed by a reception and the video screening of CARES Gone Global: A Journey to Ghana, West Africa.  All this and more taking place at the Jeron X. Grayson Community Center located at

1852 Enoch Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219.


The G Center’s New High School H.U.S.T.L.E. Room



The Center That CARES’ President and CEO Rev. Grayson’s famousIMG_0386 (1) words “Grinders Gain” rang loud and clear when construction of the high school students new space at the G Center began.  This newly constructed space for the high school students generates a warm, inviting and welcoming place for the students to unwind and complete assignments in a leisure stress-free environment.

IMG_0385 (1)


The space was constructed through the insight of the students it serves as well as the counselors that provide guidance.  It was centered around a technology enriched society which allows the students to remain focused and up-to-date with the current technological trends.  The H.U.S.T.L.E Room boasts a 65 inch curve smart television with smart board capabilities, 3 pcs, a printer, tons of desk space, lounge chairs, curved sofa for round robin discussions as well as a quiet bean bag carpet area for some quiet time reading.

IMG_0390IMG_0388IMG_0387  IMG_0389


CARES, Venture Outdoors and The Saturday Light Brigade!!

What I believe makes CARES such a great and phenomenal organization is it’s ability to create nurturing and lasting partnerships with local businesses.  We realize that we cannot broaden our youth’s experiences or create grand adventures alone.  This summer CARES had the pleasure to go into it’s third year partnering with Venture Outdoors, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle through outdoor recreation.

Dominique Harris, Lo Hutelmyer, Dreyton Townsend, Xavier Wade-Kendall
Dominique Harris, Lo Hutelmyer, Dreyton Townsend, Xavier Wade-Kendall

Through Venture Outdoors, our CARES campers had an opportunity to go fishing and kayaking on the Allegheny River as well as hike through some local trails.  They also got an opportunity to climb the Great Rock Wall and go biking.  And this past Saturday, August 20, 2016, a few CARES campers along with Youth Program Manager Lo Hutelmyer were invited to The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh to be featured on The Saturday Light Brigade’s Youth Express Segment, which highlights youth endeavors experienced throughout the city, to share their experiences this summer.  The show broadcasts live on WRCT Pittsburgh 88.3 or can be heard online through live streaming at

Larry Berger, The Saturday Light Brigade radio show host and CARES campers Xavier Wade-Kendall, Dreyton Townsend, and Dominique Harris
Larry Berger, The Saturday Light Brigade radio show host and CARES campers Xavier Wade-Kendall, Dreyton Townsend, and Dominique Harris

The Saturday Light Brigade Youth Express Segment features occurrences and happenings around town through the eyes of our youth.  Larry Berger, who is the show’s radio host lead a round robin discussion with the youth asking them to share the highlights of their time with Venture Outdoors, their most fun and memorable moment and lastly the importance of playing outside and what that means to them.

Dominique Harris, a fifth grader at Pittsburgh Liberty stated that she just enjoyed being able to be outside and free in the wind to play and do new things like kayak and climb the rock wall.

CARES camper Dominique and Venture Outdoors Youth Project Manager Lo Hutelmeyer speaking on their experiences this summer.
CARES camper Dominique and Venture Outdoors Youth Project Manager Lo Hutelmeyer speaking on their experiences this summer.



Xavier Wade-Kendall’s fondest memory with Venture Outdoors was the fishing excursion.  This was his first time truly fishing and along with the help and guidance of the Venture Outdoors staff he was fortunate enough to catch a fish!!! Way to go Xavier!

Dreyton Townsend, a 1st grader at Penn Hills Elementary, said that he enjoyed going to Riverview Park and learning to ride bicycles. He said the staff were really nice and helped him a lot.

CARES campers Xavier and Dreyton on their summer experience at CARES Camp!
CARES campers Xavier and Dreyton on their summer experience at CARES Camp!


All the campers expressed the importance of getting healthy and being able to play outdoors to try to stay active and fit.

Future Venture Outdoors activities include their free rock climbing event with the mobile Rock Wall to be set up in the Hill District. And also attending the screening of the film An American Ascent, which will take place at the Hill House on September 17, 2016 at 5pm.  You can watch the trailer to the movie here. This movie (based on a book called the Adventure Gap by James Edward Mills) is about the first all African American climbing team to ascend Denali, the highest peak in North America.
Zavy Drey CARES






Entering its 17th year of service, our Summer Camp Experience provided the youth of Allegheny County with countless memories and awesome adventures throughout this summer, while creating lasting friendships. Located at Wesley Center and the Jeron X. Grayson Community Center the camp is divided into groups by grades so that we may maximize their experiences as well as enhance their individualized activities.

1With partners like Venture Outdoors, Club Scouts, The Story Mobile, and others, the campers were delighted with a variety of daily activities which included swimming, kayaking, fishing, museum tours, recreational reading, as well as multiple field trips to the view the latest movies and wonders of the area’s Carnegie Museums, just to name a few.

2The campers also enjoyed special activities, such as their excursions to PNC Park to cheer for the Pittsburgh Pirates and our end of the year trip to our great Kennywood Park. The camp also provided an opportunity to visit the Rollerdome in Youngstown, Ohio. When hanging out on our sites or in the neighborhood, campers were able to enjoy our computer center, games room, and often utilized the adjacent parks to get in some good exercise and fun!

The campers were given the opportunity to delve into an entrepreneurial role as well with the 4th and 5th grade girls’ bake sale, with the profits going toward their Annual Girls TakeOver SleepOver.herpes pictures class=”Apple-converted-space”>  The bake sale generated so much attention that it made the Tribune Review!!

3At the end of the 2016 CARES Summer Enrichment Camp session, the campers were shown appreciation for attending by being surprised with an all day summer explosion cook-out party held at the Jeron X. Grayson Community Center.

After 17 years of excellence would you expect anything less?